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Finding a Place to Rent

Finding a unit, Renters Insurance and Roommate Tips.
When you are looking for a rental unit consider the following:
  • The maximum amount you can afford for monthly rent and utilities.
  • The dollar limit that you can afford for all deposits that may be required
  • The location that you want.
In addition, you also should carefully consider the following
  • The type of rental unit that you want (apartment complex, a duplex, or a single-family house), and the features that you want (such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms).
  • What type and length of lease suits your needs
  • Access to schools, stores, public transportation, medical facilities, child-care facilities, and other necessities and conveniences.
  • The character and quality of the neighborhood (for example, its safety and appearance). The condition of the rental unit.
Other special requirements that you or your family members may have.
Ask around about complaints regarding your future landlord and speak with current residents (where you want to live) and ask them if they've had problems.

1201 Canal Apartments
(504) 302-2503
1201 Canal Apartments
New Orleans LA
Office Hours
10:00 am - 04:00 pm
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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3 Bedroom / 2 Bath

What About Roommates?
Even if you are best friends with your future roommate, there is always the potential for an honest misunderstanding. By signing an agreement before you sign the lease together, you can cover all of the terms not covered by your lease such as the split for payment of rent and utilities, cleaning duties, guest policies, quiet hours, etc. Your landlord may not be able to help you resolve disputes against your roommates and you may be stuck in a bad situation if things don't go as you planned. Taking half an hour to construct and sign an agreement with your roommates could prevent countless problems in the future.

924 Old Metairie Drive

924 Old Metairie Drive
New Orleans LA, 70001
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2 Bedroom / 2 Bath : $1,350/month


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